Ensuring the safety and longevity of your valuable assets is paramount. Absolutely Covered, a long-time leading provider of high-quality coverall buildings serving Western Canada & USA, is a trusted name in the industry, offering robust solutions designed to protect your greatest investments. Whether it’s safeguarding agricultural equipment, commercial goods, or personal belongings; our shelters provide durable, customizable buildings that stand the test of time and elements.

The Importance of Protecting Your Investments

Investments come in various forms—agricultural machinery, commercial inventory, vehicles, and more. These assets represent significant financial commitments and play crucial roles in the productivity and success of businesses and individuals alike. Without proper protection, these investments are susceptible to damage from environmental factors, theft, and general wear and tear. This is where we step in, offering peace of mind through superior building solutions.

Why Choose Absolutely Covered?

1. Superior Quality and Durability

Our custom designed & engineered structures are constructed using high-grade steel & fabric, known for its strength and longevity. Our approach offers several advantages over traditional construction materials. This durability ensures that your assets remain secure and in optimal condition for years to come.

2. Customizable Solutions

Every investment is unique, and so are the needs for its protection. Absolutely Covered provides customizable building solutions tailored to meet specific requirements. Our team of experts can design a building that fits your exact specifications. Customizable options include size, design, and additional features such as insulation and ventilation, ensuring a perfect match for any need.

3. Cost-Effectiveness

Investing in a high-quality clear-span building is a cost-effective decision in the long run. Their durability translates to fewer replacements and repairs, providing excellent value over time. By choosing one of our coverall buildings you are making a wise financial decision that protects your assets while minimizing future expenses.

4. Environmental Responsibility

In an era where sustainability is crucial, we take pride in our environmentally responsible practices. By opting for a custom shelter structure from Absolutely Covered, you are not only protecting your investments but also supporting a greener planet.

Businesses rely on secure storage solutions to protect inventory, machinery, and other valuable assets. Our customizable warehouses and commercial buildings are designed to meet the specific needs of various industries, offering reliable protection and contributing to the efficient operation of businesses.

Absolutely Covered is a premier provider of custom fabric buildings, dedicated to protecting your greatest investments with quality, customizable, and environmentally responsible solutions.

Explore the diverse range of options today and discover how we can meet your specific needs, providing peace of mind and robust protection for what matters most to you.

📍 Serving Western Canada & USA including: Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Victoria, Kelowna, Red Deer, Kamloops, Lethbridge, Prince George, Grande Prairie, Medicine Hat, Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Burnaby, Surrey, Coquitlam, Nanaimo… & beyond!


We understand the importance of protecting your pickleball court investment from the elements. Our custom fabric buildings offer the perfect solution, providing unparalleled durability and versatility to safeguard your playing surface in any weather condition.

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