Absolutely Covered offers the best product series in the engineered fabric structure industry.
We offer custom-engineered fabric buildings as small as 20′ wide to as large as 250’ wide, at any length.
We also love working on custom projects for any industry in a wide variety of applications.


Built to Adapt

Widths: 22', 26', 32', 42', 52', 62' & 72'

Our Compression Coupler profiles provide an efficient transfer of load between the chords of adjacent truss segments which maximizes the capacity of the profile. The compression coupler further provides highly effective welds to achieve long term reliability of the structure.


Built to Adapt Further

Widths: 80', 90' & 100'

Our Compression Coupler Plus profiles are built on similar principals to the Compression Coupler (CC) Series, but engineered to take on larger widths and heavier loads in an economical manner. With 4’ deep trusses, 4” round chords, and a classic rounded arch, the CC+ profile provides a robust yet cost-efficient option.


Easily Deployable and Portable

Widths: 32', 36', 40' & 50'

The Container Line Building Series is one of the first-ever fabric structure building in the industry that has been designed and engineered exclusively for container-use only. The CL Building Series is engineered site-specific to suit any location in North America, and can be used as either a temporary or permanent solution for anything from hay storage to salt storage.


Simple & Accessible

Widths: 20', 25' & 30'

Our Side Entry series is designed for easy access, fresh air-flow, and superior asset protection. It features an opening width up to 45′ wide, and ranges in height from 10′ to 35′ tall. The SE line also features a sloped roof, tall back eave, and optional leg heights. Gable brackets are used in the design, making it more efficient to construct. This simple and convenient design is built to protect your most valuable assets while allowing uncomplicated access.


Reach Greater Heights

Widths: 50', 60', 65', 72' & 82'

Our High Top series uses the same unique compression couple design as the CC Series, but uses larger top and bottom cords and a deeper truss depth. The HT Series comes standard with our individual Keder Panel System. Ideal for customers looking for extra interior height. The extra height and free span space makes unloading large trucks easy and worry free. The HT design also makes it a “tank” in heavy snow load areas.


The All-in-One Design

Widths: 32', 42', 52' & 62'

Our Gable design is for customers looking for that “all-in-one” fabric structure. With additional interior height combined with an aesthetically pleasing look at a cost-efficient price, our GB Series structures are built to meet every need. The standard 10′ high side walls offer an efficient use of floor space, while the gable style truss arch provides greater clearance and a beautifully finished product.


Built to Suit Your Needs

Widths: 40', 50', 70' up to 250'

The Versatile Product design offers a distinctive, traditional look with 24″ eaves (VPe) finished in wood or steel, or a rounded shoulder design (VPr) offering a more practical and economical alternative. Our proprietary J-purlin design found only in the VP Series provides unmatched stiffness and capacity that allows Calhoun to increase bay spacings while simultaneously reducing the quantity of purlin runs in the building - resulting in a more cost-efficient structure.


Choosing Absolutely Covered Means

Superior Engineering
We use our unique 3D Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis process to accurately model fabric behavior amid various environmental factors to design ideal structures for your applications. Our reliable and economical foundation systems ensure the highest degree of structural integrity.

Maximum Durability
Our fabric buildings use hot-dip galvanization on open web trusses for complete protection against corrosion and maximum foundational strength.

Exceptional Fabric Quality
We use high-density polyethylene fabric with a high strength-to-density ratio to provide greater durability than other tension fabrics.

Structure Warranty
When you purchase fabric buildings from us, you’ll receive a 15-year warranty for repairs and replacements or a 25-year warranty for elite fabric upgrades to ensure the highest customer satisfaction.

Fast Return on Investment
Our competitively priced fabric structures have a lower cost per square foot than traditional products starting as low as $6 to $30, depending on scope.

Design Flexibility
Absolutely Covered goes above and beyond to create fabric buildings customized to meet your needs. We offer options for windows, ventilation systems, logos, solar panels and more.