COVER STORY | Air Company X Absolutely Covered

COVER STORIES: Absolutely Covered x Air Company 

In 2020, Absolutely Covered (Alberta) played a pivotal role in a groundbreaking environmental initiative at the Enmax Shepard Centre in Calgary, A.B. where the Alberta Carbon Conversion Technology Centre (ACCTC) was established in 2017.

This initiative aimed to encourage CO2 reduction through innovative carbon utilization technologies, contributing to value-added economic development. The facility was notably utilized by finalists of the $20 Million Carbon XPRIZE contest, which sought to find novel methods of converting CO2 emissions from the energy sector into valuable products.

Among the participants was Air Company from New York, which introduced a patented technology to convert CO2 into ethyl alcohol for use in various industries. This process, emphasizes sustainability – uses air, water, and sunlight – and showcases a future where technology mitigates environmental impact through innovative carbon capture and conversion.

In this transformative setting, Absolutely Covered demonstrated its versatility and commitment to innovation by facilitating the project’s infrastructure needs. The company provided a specially designed all-weather building shelter at the Shepard Energy Centre to house Air Company’s carbon capture machine.

This collaboration underscored Absolutely Covered’s ability to support cutting-edge environmental projects through its tailored and flexible fabric building shelter solutions.

After the completion of the project and contest, Absolutely Covered showcased its resourcefulness and commitment to sustainability by repurchasing the building, at a lower cost than originally sold.

Absolutely Covered then successfully marketed and sold the building blocks and the fabric shelter structure to a new client in Kelowna, British Columbia. This move not only demonstrated the durability and adaptability of Absolutely Covered’s fabric structures / shelters but also their dedication to repurposing and recycling, aligning with the environmental ethos of the ACCTC project.

Absolutely Covered’s involvement in this project highlights its contribution to environmental innovation and sustainability. By providing essential infrastructure for the Carbon XPRIZE finalists and finding a new purpose for the structure afterwards, Absolutely Covered exemplifies how businesses can play a crucial role in supporting and advancing ecological and technological progress.


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