COVER STORY | Kenroc X Absolutely Covered

COVER STORIES: Absolutely Covered x Kenroc

A unique challenge emerged for a client in the construction sector on Vancouver Island, in Langford. The demand for drywall had spiked due to an exceptionally busy building season, complicating logistics and highlighting a critical need for local, accessible storage solutions. Transporting drywall from the mainland became increasingly problematic, with delays and shortages threatening efficiency. Recognizing the urgency, Kenroc reached out to Absolutely Covered for a creative and practical solution.

The answer lay not just in creating a storage facility, but in crafting a solution that was both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Absolutely Covered proposed the construction of a specialized fabric building designed explicitly for drywall storage. The structure needed to be robust, to protect the drywall from the Island’s variable weather, and spacious enough to accommodate large quantities of materials, ensuring a consistent supply was always on hand.

But we didn’t stop there. Understanding the importance of branding and visual appeal, we customized the building with a color theme that not only reflected the client’s corporate identity but also enhanced the visual impression of the site. This thoughtful detail turned a functional necessity into a visual asset, demonstrating our commitment to delivering solutions that are both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

To further support our client’s operations, Absolutely Covered also constructed an office building on-site. This wasn’t just any office; it was designed to color-coordinate with the large fabric storage building, creating a cohesive, branded look that reinforced the client’s presence. This synergy between the storage and office structures not only optimized operational efficiency but also elevated the overall aesthetic of the business site.

The completion of the color-themed fabric building for drywall storage, along with the coordinated office structure, marked a significant milestone for our client. Not only did it solve the immediate logistical challenges of storing and accessing drywall on Vancouver Island, but it also set a new standard for integrating functionality with design. The project exemplified Absolutely Covered’s ability to listen to and understand our client’s needs, delivering customized solutions that go beyond mere storage to enhance business operations and brand identity.

Absolutely Covered is proud to have been a part of creating a functional, beautiful space that supports our client’s needs while contributing positively to the Island’s building boom. It’s a clear example of how, with the right partner, practical needs and aesthetic desires can be harmoniously united to create spaces that are as efficient as they are eye-catching.


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