When it comes to reliable, cost-effective, and versatile shelter solutions, Absolutely Covered’s fabric buildings are a top choice for businesses across various industries. Our structures offer unparalleled flexibility, durability, and ease of installation, making them an ideal option for a wide range of applications. 


Farmers and agricultural businesses require structures that can adapt to changing needs and environments. Fabric buildings provide excellent shelter & protection for livestock, hay, and equipment. Their superior ventilation and natural light ensure a healthy environment for animals and crops, while their robust construction withstands the elements, safeguarding valuable assets year-round.


The construction industry often demands temporary yet sturdy shelters for equipment storage, site offices, and worker accommodations. Fabric buildings can be quickly erected and dismantled, providing flexible and portable solutions. They offer ample space and can be customized to fit specific site requirements, ensuring that projects run smoothly regardless of location or weather conditions.


In the mining industry, operations often occur in remote and harsh environments. Fabric buildings offer durable and weather-resistant shelters for equipment maintenance, storage, and worker housing. Their design allows for easy expansion as the project grows, and their portability ensures they can be relocated as needed, making them an invaluable asset for mining companies.


Airports and aviation businesses benefit from the large, unobstructed spaces that fabric buildings provide. These structures are ideal for aircraft hangars, maintenance facilities, and storage for aviation equipment. Their clear-span design eliminates the need for interior supports, maximizing usable space and ensuring efficient operations.

Events and Entertainment

Fabric buildings are perfect for temporary event spaces, such as concert venues, exhibition halls, and sports facilities. Their rapid installation and customizable designs allow event organizers to create unique and functional spaces that cater to specific needs. Additionally, their durability ensures that events can proceed smoothly, regardless of weather conditions.


Manufacturing businesses require flexible and efficient space solutions to accommodate production lines, storage, and distribution. Fabric buildings offer customizable layouts and can be easily modified as production needs change. Their robust construction and ability to maintain a controlled environment make them an excellent choice for various manufacturing applications.

Absolutely Covered’s fabric buildings provide shelter solutions that cater to the diverse needs of multiple industries. Whether it’s agriculture, construction, mining, aviation, recreation, or manufacturing, our structures offer unmatched versatility, durability, and cost-effectiveness. By choosing a custom fabric building solution, businesses can ensure their operations run smoothly and efficiently, no matter the industry.

Explore our range of fabric building solutions at Absolutely Covered and discover how we can help meet your specific shelter needs.

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Meet Shane Want, Business Development Representative @ Absolutely Covered – based in Calgary, Alberta. Shane works closely with our clients across various industries & provinces to find the exact coverall fabric building solutions tailored to their specific needs.

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Fabric buildings have gained popularity for their versatility, durability, and cost-effectiveness. But, like all structures, they require maintenance and, eventually, repair & recover to ensure continued functionality and longevity.

At Absolutely Covered, we also specialize in maintaining and recovering coverall fabric buildings, providing a seamless service to restore your structure to its optimal condition.

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